Reservation – Time For Change?

It is high time for a better system or method which can uplift all the sections of the country, and the 1931 census based caste reservation is not clearly the solution.

The easy way for government is to provide reservation for all those whose cry for it, but they should at least make sure to exclude the creamy layer of all sections (say OBC or SCST) and should include the weak and poor from the so called upper classes. (This part started to get implemented in certain cases).

And the main point is that every system should be revised in at least every 10 years. When the concept of reservation was bought into India, it was never meant to last for 60-70 years. Every section of society should learn to stand on its own without reservation.

Even after 60 years of independence, different classes are queuing up for backward status; and it is clear that the caste based reservation turned out counter productive and the vote bank politics is not good for India.

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