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Closed Mouth

Importance of Freedom of Speech and Expression

Indians always boast about their freedom of speech and expression, a fundamental right given to them by the founding fathers of the constitution. This right is perhaps the most important right in the constitution after the right to life, and we all are aware that there are millions of unprivileged people across …


Why Indians Fear Everything?

It had become the habit of Indians to fear everything – We fear and look with suspicion almost everything around us. We are reluctant to accept reforms. This is the case with FDI, atomic deal, subsidy reduction and many others. Fear – A look back at the history Looking back at history, it can …

Reservation – Time For Change?

It is high time for a better system or method which can uplift all the sections of the country, and the 1931 census based caste reservation is not clearly the solution. The easy way for government is to provide reservation for all those whose cry for it, but they should …