How To Crack CAT Exam?

With CAT turning online, it is more about strategy and preparations than about intelligence or speed for cracking CAT exam.

2011 pattern, 2 sections with 30 questions each, tested candidates in Quant and DI as well as Verbal and Logical Ability. As there was 70 minutes for each section of 30 questions, time was not a major constraint unlike other exams like NMAT or IIFT, but still Question Selection was the key.

A calm but sharp mind is what we advice you to have in order to clear CAT. Be familiar with the sections in CAT.

For example almost all questions in Quant can be grouped under the three headings – Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry. Verbal Ability questions can be vocabulary based, grammar based or verbal reasoning based. Reasoning section can be divided into Logical Reasoning , Critical Reasoning or Analytical Reasoning. DI questions explore Tables, Graphs, Charts, combination charts etc. RC passage can be a Socially relevant one, Science based one or can be even Humanities based.

There is  no G.K section in CAT and the first step a CAT aspirant must do is to be familiar with sections and subsections of CAT.

Do a lot of practice question from previous CAT question papers on each of these sub sections. Go back and study the basics and fundamental formulas.

Learn to enjoy the study and preparation process. Once the problem solving becomes your habit and passion, the rest comes natural and easy. Read newspapers daily, and that keeps you in touch with English usage. Once you are thorough with the  basics,  start taking mock tests. Give stress on question selection and accuracy. Attempting even half of the 60 questions without any error may fetch you an IIM call. So don’t try to push yourself too hard. Relax. Enjoy the process. Slowly build the confidence. Final victory will be yours.

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