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To climb the corporate ladder faster, an MBA from a top college is often a prerequisite. Comparing the competition and the level of difficulty associated with top entrance exams for MBA, it’s clear that  focused preparation is necessary to crack it. Right study materials and books are the key to success.

Major MBA exams in India :


Topics asked in MBA exams

Preparation requirements for each of the exams vary, but almost all of them have common topics.
The main areas include:
1.Quantitative Ability.
2.Data Interpretation.
3.Verbal Ability.

Exams like IIFT and SNAP test General Knowledge too. These are the exams for MBA admission in India, while a foreign MBA requires GMAT exam to be cleared.

How To Crack CAT Exam

For Quantitative Ability:

This part tests your mathematical skills. Areas like Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Higher Maths are the sectional areas from which questions can be asked. You need materials which can help you build strong fundamentals. Once you are thorough with the basics you can try solving higher level of problems.
Websites like Flipkart will deliver important books for mba entrance preparation at door step.

For Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

The section can come together or separately in MBA exams. Data Interpretation involves analyzing data and graphs, reasoning section can include critical reasoning, logical reasoning or analytical reasoning.
The essential books for this area are also included in the above link.

For Verbal and Reading Comprehension Section

You need to be thorough with grammar and English usage for this section. A good vocabulary may also turn handy. And look for books having quality reading comprehension passages.

All the best for cracking CAT!

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