Refund On Tatkal Tickets – Confirmed and Wait-listing Tickets:

Many among us Book Train Tickets in the eleventh hour (read tatkal) and often go and cancel when plans change (read last minute), thinking that the ticket fare will be refunded.

Have you ever wondered why are you not getting any refund of Tatkal fare ?  Well, many among us might have encountered this situation. Below are some rules on cancellation of Tatkal train tickets. This might help you in understanding the Tatkal process better.

For confirmed tatkal tickets:

1. Cancelling 1 day (24 hours) before the scheduled departure of train, a flat refund of 25% of the ticket fare, excluding the Tatkal charges will be refunded. As per latest revision of tatkal rules, no refund will be granted, unless under exceptional circumstances.

2. Cancelling within 24 hours of the scheduled departure of train, no refund will be granted under normal circumstances. But full refund of the fare and tatkal charges will be done under the some exceptional circumstances.

For Wait- Listed Tatkal Tickets:

As the passenger can’t travel on Wait- Listed tickets, railways usually refund the full fare deducting only clerical fees (Rs.20).

But do bother to cancel your tickets if you are not travelling , though you may not get a refund, It might help someone else to get a seat:)

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Article by : Divya

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