Refund Of Train Fare If Passenger Has Not Traveled

Did you know that you can claim for refund of train fare on a ticket if the passenger has not traveled on it?

Yes, You can.

What is TDR?

TDR means Ticket Deposit Receipt and can be filed online through IRCTC website too. TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) can be submitted to claim refund if customer was not able to perform the journey due to any /or the following reason.

  • Train Cancelled By Railways and Passenger Not Travelled.
  • Train running Late by More than Three hours.
  • Difference of Fare in case proper coach not attached.
  • AC Failure
  • Traveled without proper ID proof
  • Wrongly charged by TTE
  • Party partially traveled
  • Passenger Not travelled

For must know items about Railway Ticket Cancellation and Refund refer IRCTC website and posts on Indian Railways. You can check the latest rules about railway refund in website.

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