Not Satisfied With CAT Scores – What To Do After CAT?

With Paper CAT giving its way to Computerized CAT which spans 20 days and 40 exams, normalization of scores plays a major part in determining the final score. The Raw Score of candidates out of 180 is normalized to give back a Scaled Score out of 450.

With difficulty level of papers varying across different slots, it turns out finally that the normalization process (the algorithm used for the process, if any) determines the fate of 2 lakh candidates who appear for the test. Complaints regarding computer CAT exam hiccups as well as CAT scoring was always in the air since the new format was introduced in 2009, with the help of the American vendor – Prometric.

Many students are dissatisfied with the CAT 2011 scores they got. The main reason is the lack of transparency in which their Scaled Scores and hence percentiles are calculated. Many MBA websites are flooded with comments by consistent performers in Mock CATs who got shockingly low scores in the Computer CAT. Doubts are raised regarding the accuracy of the scores when the same candidates score really high percentiles in other paper-pencil exams like IIFT, SNAP or XAT. There are also surprise elements in CAT where many  students got higher scores than they expected.

Not Satisfied With CAT Scores – What To Do After CAT?

Candidates  can contact Prometric regarding concerns regarding CAT scores through the below link.

If the response is not satisying or if you need further details another way around is to file  a petition under RTI (Right to Information) to IIMs.

But, as per the present CAT convener the CAT scores are final. Check this link from Pagal Guy regarding CAT scores.

Contrary to this statement, CAT convener of 2009 CAT asks unhappy candidates to file RTI.

Update : Read the RTI on CAT exam.

If the RTI is not turning out helpful , a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) is another option for the common man who wants nothing but a greater transparency of scores , for the time, money and hard work they put for the prestigious exam.

To conclude  : CAT should undoubtedly be a test of ability, and not a test of Luck, based on the date of exam or normalization process.

Other exams after CAT ?

Exams pending after CAT scores are out include CMAT, MHCET, MAT etc.

GMAT exam is available year around , but GMAT scores are mainly considered by foreign MBA colleges.

Update : Read the RTI on CAT exam.

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