MBA Colleges Under CMAT

MBA Colleges Under CMAT : As of now, only Goa Institute of Management  (GIM) has added CMAT score on their website.

But the CMAT committe (AICTE) has declared that all of AICTE approved colleges have to consider CMAT score for MBA admissions.

We have to wait and watch how this issue gets resolved. At-least the government college MBAs should come the CMAT way this year. For JBIMS, as per them, they consider MHCET for this year and CMAT only for next year admissions.

Additional to the post above : Updated March 12,2012

How To Calculate Percentile in CMAT Exam?

If 45000 candidates wrote CMAT exam, and your all India rank is 1000, then –

the way to calculate percentile is to find how many people are behind you in this exam.

The number of people behind you is 45000-1000 = 44000.

So Percentile is worked out as follows : (No. of people behind you)/(Total Candiates) * 100.

ie. 44000/45000 = 97.7 percentile.

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