Jan Lokpal – The Means and Demands

Corruption needs to be curbed. No second thoughts on that. But what is the right and practical step towards that? Jan Lokpal Bill?

The main worries lie in creating a Draconian Law, enabling a few super-power individuals, who are not democratically elected by common people, controlling the Prime Minister, Judiciary, MPs and the whole Bureaucracy. The doubt lies not only the misuse of the setup, but also in the efficiency of the institution.

Anna’s means are Gandhian (Non-violent), but demands are certainly not. Forget about Baba Ramdev, Anna’s fellow team mate, who drew media attention a few months back and went behind the curtain in women’s attire after making lot of noise and bizarre demands.

Will the Jan Lokpal Bill de-stabilize the entire democratic setup and create different power centers? Take the case of Pakistan. The ISI and the Military Heads are the real super powers, often much more powerful than the PM or President, thus weakening the whole democracy setup. Will that sort of case arise in India, with the Jan Lokpal?