IIFT Exam Analysis

IIFT Exam Analysis

The 2011 IIFT Exam brought back the six section pattern – consisting of (1) GK (2) Verbal (3) RC (4) Logical Reasoning (5) Quantitative (6) Data Interpretation, with differential marking for each sections.

120 questions have to be attempted in 120 minutes for a total of 100 marks. With time playing the crucial part, a score of 35 plus out of 100 can be said to be good while a score of 40+ is definitely safe.

What is not sure is about the sectional cut-offs for IIFT. There is nothing mentioned about sectional cut-offs in the IIFT Booklet, but the change again for 6 sections raises the question of why.

To say an overall evaluation about IIFT 2o11 – Questions were not tough, though lengthy, and what makes the IIFT exam tough is the limited time-limit for attempting the lengthy 120 questions.

The best strategy would be to quickly finish the easy questions from G.K, Verbal and RC and devote the rest of the time to boost your total score from Quant, DI and Logical Sections.(high scoring)

IIFT Kolkatta will most probably be having a cut-off less than IIFT Delhi, and the cut-off might turn out less than 35 too.

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