Don 2 Review

Language – Hindi

Cast – Sharukh Khan,  Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, Lara Dutta

Our Rating – 4/10   (Must WatchWatchableWe won’t Recommend)

Reason for you to see the film (if any):

If you are a Die Hard SRK Fan.


Sequels usually disappoint and Don 2’s story is no different. The single plot in this film (stealing of plates used for currency printing ), is dragged too much to fill the 2.5 hours. SRK’s role as Don is not befitting  the Don he played he played in Don1 and performs many low level jobs.

Don himself surrenders before police, gets out of prison, gets into police custody and again gets out of custody for climax sequences. Police officers in the film appears stupid and school-level. Action sequences in the film are not bad but are not giving a continuous feeling. Car chase in the first half between SRK and Priyanka Chopra is among the few things which will remain in your mind apart from SRK’s Indian Version of Mission Impossible. There is nothing exceptional in this film which demands a 3D version.

Despite the Box Office collections and crowd pulling due to hype and star cast, on an entertainment basis the film is disappointing on many grounds. Watch the film, only if you are a die hard SRK fan and desperately want to see how Farhan Aktar made the sequel.

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