Do These Mean Return of Good Times for UPA and Congress?

UPA 2 government had been facing severe crisis and loss of image by constant media sensationalism and India Against Corruption(IAC) movement in particular, which highlighted many corruption charges including presumptive losses over 2G and coal. Often it was not the BJP, but it was the IAC which played the role of opposition in last 2-3 years. Adding to the worries, there were agonies of low growth rate and high inflation, and political pressure from coalition partners which led to the use of the word ‘policy paralysis’ as a cliche.

But now it seems the God of luck has started to bless the UPA and Congress side too and they are getting time to breath. Certain policy decisions taken by the government are also favoring them in improving the public image. Wondering how? These are the reasons:

Good time for UPA and Congress?

Good time for UPA and Congress?

Cold response to 2G aution

The auction of the 2G spectrum fetched only less than 10,000 crore, while the presumptive loss calculated by CAG was a whopping 1.76 lakhs crore (had the government went for auction instead of the first come first serve policy implemented at that time ). Ministers like Kapil Sibal took no time to make a mockery on the presumptive loss figure calculated by CAG and opposition’s attack over the same.

Former CAG official’s comment

“After completing the audit of Ministry of Telecom, which was under my direct charge, I prepared a draft audit report covering each and every aspect … My report did not contain any loss figure,” said former Director General of CAG R P Singh.

The  former auditor R P Singh also alleges that Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman Murli Manohar Joshi had tried to influence the outcome of the 2G report.

Mamata Banerjee’s failed No Confidence Motion

Trinamool’s congress no confidence motion failed to grab the necessary support of 50 MPs as neither BJP nor left supported it. The failed move just helped UPA to ensure that there cannot be another no confidence motion in Loksabha for next Six months and the UPA boat is pretty safe for at-least next 6 months.

Internal Politics within BJP and Kejrival’s attack on Nithin Gadkari

BJP failed to serve the role of a strong opposition party during the last several years due to internal politics, and it is that single factor – the lack of a proper alternative – which makes people think back to Congress.

Mamata Out of the UPA Government

As a major player of pressure politics, TMC has strangled the UPA government a lot. Even the TMC’s railway minister was forced to quit as his budget was not in line with the expectations of the TMC leader. Mamata’s exit turned positive for the UPA as well as the SENSEX.

Initiatives/ Steps from Government side which are helping them

  1. Presidential Election : Pranab Mukerjee moved to the chair of President of India from the chair of Finance Minister securing a sizable majority of votes.
  2. Chidambaram back to the finance ministry with his economy reviving packages.
  3. Bold measures by UPA 2 to implement FDI in retail, insurance, broadcasting and aviation.
  4. Direct Cash Transfer to People project (using Aadahar).
  5. Social Sector Projects of UPA like MGNREGA, Mid Day Meal, SSA etc
  6. Ajmal Kasab’s Hanging.