Achievements of UPA Government in last 10 years

8 years to be precise, from 2004 to 2012 – India has witnessed the UPA1 and UPA2 coalitions, and may see 2 more years of UPA government if the coalition partners and supporters from outside find it a safe-bet politically to support the government at center, which has been strangled by many corruption scams and media attacks.

But let us have a quick glance on the positive impacts made by this government as it is given in PMO’s twitter account, titled ” Turning Reforms into Reality” – a statistical report which explains India achieved not only spectacular economic growth, but also development in many crucial social fronts in both rural and urban areas.


UPA – How far successful?

Achievements of UPA Government in last 10 years

  • More people own houses: More than 44 million families moved into their own houses during the last two 5 Year Plans – People living in owned houses is 69.2%  in 2011 as against 63.1% in 2001.
  • More Tap connections for drinking water: Nearly 38 million houses obtained tap water connections during the last decade – Percentage of houses as having tap water as source of drinking water increased from 36.7% to 43.5%.
  • Concrete roofs: More than 34 million households acquired concrete roofs over their heads in 10 years(20% to 29% – 2001 to 2011)
  • Telephony: Telephony reached 137 m houses in 10 years – second fastest growth in the world.(9.1% to 63.2%)
  • Electricity connections: More than 60 million households got new electricity connections just in a decade(56% to 67%)
  • Banking services:More than 77 million households connected to banking services in a decade(36%-59%).
  • LPG/PNG connections: More than 37 Million households obtained LPG/PNG connections in 10 years(18% to 29%).

The figures are surely impressive, but the area where UPA 2 lagged behind were the policy paralysis in the initial 3 years of UPA2 due to coalition pressures as well as the plethora of allegations like coal and 2G loss to exchequer.