Venicile Vyapari Movie Review

Language – Malayalam

Cast – Mammooty, Kavya Madhavan

Our Rating – 5/10   (Must WatchWatchable We won’t Recommend)

Reason for you to see the film (if any):

A few mentionable scenes in the first half on the business skills and tricks shown by an entrepreneur(Mammooty) for his start up from scratch.


The first half revolves around the entrepreneurial activities of a police constable while second half takes a turn to investigate a crime. All together there is nothing extra-ordinary in the film, be it in the story, acting or direction.  Suraj Venjaranmood handles the comedy part and shares almost equal screen space as Mammooty. Mammooty’s performance in this film too has not matched his delivery in his last hits like Pranchiyettan or Best Actor. There are numerous flaws and unrelated fillers in the film, but one can go for a one time watch if desires so.