Ustad Hotel Review

Ustad Hotel Movie Review

Language – Malayalam

Cast – Dulqar Salman, Nithya Menon, Tilakan

Our Rating – 7/10 (Must Watch, Watchable , We won’t Recommend)

Reasons for you to see the film (if any):

A good film, entertainer and a deviation from the new generation formula. Excellent script and direction.

Movie Review:

The film is a deviation from the new generation films (no extra marital affairs!) , but it cannot be classified under the Super Star film formulas too. This is a third category of soft films, a one similar to Salt and Pepper.

Dulqar Salman and Thilkan has done justice to their roles, Nithya Menon was awesome (gorgeous too). It was the script and direction which gave the movie its life. The film revolves around Dulqar who try to pursue his dream career as as chef and joins his grandfather (Thilakan) who is a special character. The center thread of the film is what he learns from his grandfather, but the film has other planes of thought as well.

Overall an above average film and deserves a place in 100 Must Watch Movies in Malayalam.

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