Samsung Launches Galaxy S3

Samsung Electronics unveiled the latest Galaxy smartphone in London, widely considered as the direct rival to Apple’s iPhone . It is equipped with a larger touch screen and more powerful processor. The Galaxy SIII model would go on sale by June.

Major features of Samsung Galaxy S III:

  • 4.8 inch AMOLED screen
  • 8 megapixel camera.
  •  Latest version of Google’s Android software, Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0.
Samsung GalaxyS3

Samsung GalaxyS3

Highlights of Samsung Galaxy 3

  • S Voice: A voice command option to listen and respond to users’ words.
  • Smart stay : an eye sensor system that prevents the phone from dimming.
  • S Beam:  lets the user tap phones with another Galaxy S III owner to easily transfer files or documents.
  • Pop up play: lets the user watch a video while surfing the Web or answering email.
  • Dial a call based on user motions: The Galaxy S3 can understand users’ motions.
  • Exynos 4 Quad : The new Galaxy will be powered by Samsung’s quad-core microprocessor.