Republic Day Thoughts – Anarchy or Mob Unrest is not the answer!

Our pillars of democracy – Legislature, Executive and Judiciary – have shortcomings and flaws, but the solution for the same is not mob-politics. Janata Durbar is not a practical solution in a diverse country of 125 crore people. Anarchy is not the answer. The quick fix is neither dictatorship nor military rule. On the 65th republic day, what we should not forget are the ideals of Indian democracy and constitution.

Republic Day

We have failed our founding fathers many times, but India at 2014 is not a failed state. India at 2014 is much better than India 65 years back. A united India, the largest democracy without any history of military regime tells the success story of free India. Our standard of living has improved. So do life expectancy, literacy rate and many other parameters. We have now cryogenic engines and inter-continental ballistic missiles. Of-course we could have done better. We still have a significant portion of population below poverty line. We are fed up with rampant corruption. We need reforms, but mob unrest and chaos will only destroy what we have built over last 65 years. The needs of the hour are mature thoughts, change in chalta-hai attitude, value based politics and visionary leaders.

Happy Republic Day!