Refund On Cancellation Of Tatkal Train Tickets:

Taktal Train Ticket Refunds or Cancellation rules are briefed as below:
1) If you cancel the confirmed tatkal ticket 24 hrs before the scheduled departure of train, A flat refund of 25% of total fare charged on the ticket, excluding Tatkal charges may be granted.

As per latest revision (21-11-11), there will not be any refund , unless under exceptional circumstances.

2)Thereafter (last 24 hrs and after), no refund will be granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal ticket.

Exceptions under the conditions prescribed below:

Full refund of fare and Tatkal Charges will be granted on the tickets booked under this scheme in the following circumstances:

  • If the train is delayed by more than 3 hours at the journey originating point of passenger and not the boarding point if the passenger’s journey originating point and boarding point are different.
  • If the train is to run on diverted route and the passenger is not willing to travel; boarding station or the destination station or both the stations are not on the diverted route
  • In case of non attachment of coach in which Tatkal accommodation has been earmarked and the passenger has not been provided accommodation in the same class.
  • If the party has been accommodated in lower class and does not want to travel. In case the party travels in lower class,the passenger will be given refund of difference of fare and also the difference of Tatkal charges if any.

NB: The booking under tatkal scheme will be done only from the originating to terminating point of the train with boarding facility from intermediate station. However zonal railways have been given the discretions of imposing restrictions on tatkal booking regarding defining trains as end to end or keeping it free or imposing distance restriction etc. Keeping in view the over all utilization of the accmmodations avliable in the train
NB: No refund will, however, be permissible on the reservations made under Tatkal scheme in case the coach, in which accommodation under Tatkal scheme has been earmarked, is not attached and the accommodation has been provided to the Tatkal passengers in the normal train services in the same class.

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