5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Our PM Dr.Manmohan Singh

Why You Should Listen To Our Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh?

  1. The Manmohan era is not over yet. The visionary behind India’s growth since 1991, has started the 2nd set of major economic reforms since globalization.
  2. Manmohan Singh is one of the boldest PMs of India – the circumstances and pressures under which he manages to come up with all crucial economic reform measures – be it globalization, atomic deal for our power needs, subsidy reduction in diesel and LPG, FDI in multi-brand retail and aviation are incomparable with any of his predecessors.
  3. Common people mislead by the opposition parties, regional players in coalition system or media might not realize the importance of these major reforms now. But they will surely be able to see the positive effects of the current reforms in near future. Markets have already started hailing new heights.
  4. Manmohan Singh

    Manmohan Singh

  5. There is no one in India who knows Indian Economy better than Dr.Manmohan Singh. Those who are in doubt can do a search in Wikipedia to know more about his brilliant academic records and experience in handling various roles including RBI governor and Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission.
  6. We should not oppose things for sake of opposition, and must realize that we owe a lot of our current development in all sectors to the reforms initiated by Manmohan in 1991.
Indian political and economic spheres are witnessing interesting twists and turns as in a Rajnikanth Film. Media tagged labels like ‘under achiever’ upon our PM and treated him like an old tiger with no teeth. Even the dignified silence of this brilliant economist was questioned. But things are going to change.
It is high time that India should listen to this visionary leader, and learn from his silence.
Singh is King – We must not forget that!