Railway Minister Resigns because of Railway Budget

Coalition politics is doing the damage again. Union railway minister Dinesh Trivedi was asked to resign by his own party leader, Mamata Banerjee after his railway Budget, to expose another shameful face of coalition politics. The weak congress, strangled by its allies has nothing to do except to accept his resignation.

The proposed increase in railway fare hike was the reason which prompted the railway minister’s party leader to come up with this harsh decision. Call it politics or staged drama, the incident has put the government again in back seat. The budget was hailed as visionary because of the reforms and steps to drive the loss making railway back into the profits. But the coalition politics and the allies inclination towards populist measures to attract the regional vote bank is pulling India’s growth back wards. It is high time the regional parties place the country’s good above the regional politics.

Mukul Roy is the new Railway Minister, and his role will be to run railway without increasing railway fare, at-least for the aam aadmis. Not sure how successful can he be in this task. What ever be the success rate, he can go for fare hike only at the expense of his seat, that is what we can infer from the case of his predecessor.