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Download Mp3 - The Legal Way!

What will you do to get the latest MP3 available in the market? Search online to download a pirated version of the music track or move to your near buy music store to pay in hundreds to get the legal version ?

There are new initiatives from the Industry which can make the ordinary citizen(netizen) think twice before downloading the torrent version. The latest among the trend is Flipkart’s new service called ‘Flyte’ – a digital store where music can be bought; either as full albums or as single tracks which can cost the customer as little as Rs.6/song.

This move is in line with the ‘itunes’ of Apple, but the attitude of Indian Customers towards this ‘pay to buy music’ initiative  cannot be predicted, considering the depth of piracy in the sub- continent.

What is your call – Will you pay Rs.6- Rs.15 for a single mp3 track?

Similar organic trends which can appeal the masses to beat privacy had started already with Yahoo Movieplex and YouTube Movies, but without charging the user; instead adding ads. Considering the case of Flyte, the price tag attached with songs/tracks are not that high, but should of-course come further down in future to attract customers. However the  Flyte store from Flipkart, which includes music tracks from almost all Indian languages, can be a major stepping stone  in the path of legal music at low cost- What is your call?