New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

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Another new year!

What resolutions are you planning to make? How can you make sure that you stick on to your resolutions? A few tips for the same.

The guideline for all New Year Resolutions should be Improvement – Improvement from what you were yesterday.

So all resolutions should be based on the constant self improvement.

Based on self improvement, a few practical resolutions are listed below. Have a look and find which all are ideal for you:

  1. Be a better person – Character wise and Knowledge wise.
  2. Be more fit than what you were in last year – Exercise regularly.
  3. Enjoy life – relax.
  4. Be more confident.
  5. Spread less hatred – reduce negative emotions like anger, jealousy etc.
  6. Talk well- talk less can be also a resolution:)
  7. Present yourself well.
  8. Respond to social issues – Help others.
  9. Learn something new.
  10. Try in deep the three – speech, writing, thoughts

Other common resolutions include:

  1. Quit drinking or smoking
  2. Read more books- at-least one per month.
  3. Be systematic and organized.
  4. Be updated with current affairs.
  5. Save money -spend less.
  6. Do a part time job- to generate more income.
  7. Spend more time on your favorite hobby.
  8. Spend more time with family
  9. Eat healthier
  10. Improve career and education
  11. Go on a trip- see new places.
  12. Go bed earlier.

How to make your resolutions work?

  1. Rather than sticking on a very strict approach from day one, gradually build your resolutions. Gradual improvement is always welcome as long as you are moving in an overall positive direction.
  2. Write down your resolutions on a paper or an excel sheet.
  3. Evaluate your progress of resolutions on a monthly or quarterly basis and work hard on those resolutions which you are finding hard to do.

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