Media Responsibility – Do Indian Media Know The Meaning Of This Term?

Media, the fourth pillar of democracy is under threat in India. The threat is not from outside, but from inside.

Indian Media Is Making The Generation Mentally Retarded

Indian press as well as electronic media is in the process making a mentally retarded generation. There are always breaking news, but it’s time to think what is breaking inside.

Breaking Indian Media

Breaking News or Breaking Indian Media?

Without naming any newspapers or TV channels, with closed eyes anyone will agree that, the majority of Indian media try to make the readers and viewers believe India is just about Bollywood and Cricket. They know what sells best in India (It was once said that only Sex and Shahruk Khan sells; courtesy to Neha Dupia!). If there are no enough stories from cinemas and cricket ground, the way around is media sensationalism, the process which makes a storm in a teacup, and prevents the development in our country. The components worth readable or view-able in present day media comes only less than 5%. Of course there are exceptions, but majority of Indian media work by the same formula of Bollywood,  gossips, cleavages, violence, serials, reality shows and plethora of breaking news which are just do the process of creating mass hypnosis.

What the media inculcate in the population is a sense of fear, anger against establishments, worship of celebrities, and a feeling of apathy towards human feelings. Those who shout in the social media do not even care to vote during the time of elections, as often reflected in the low polling of youth population and elections in metros, adding another sign of hypocrisy. Majority of Indians are prevented opportunities for mental development, and it’s only the hysteria which prevails.

Breaking Indian Media!

In a nation where nearly 30 percent of the population live below poverty line, following the paparazzi style of media reporting is a crime. But Media Responsibility doesn’t mean to devote entire space and time to science, technology, economics and social issues, but it means the responsibility of media to encourage rational thinking. It means Indian media should urgently stop its sub-standard culture. One argument against might be that the media is giving Indians what they want, but that stand will not suit the responsibility it carries. Media is not only the watch dog of democracy but also the light of the nation. People believe what is shown in the media, as they do not have other sources to know the truth, and media people should work taking that into consideration. Their words and visuals have the power to change people.

The development of India depends on the extend up to which the next generation Indians think and the present practice of media sensationalism will not help the emerging India in any way.

Media Regulation

Press Council of India regulates the press media, while two self-regulatory bodies, News Broadcasters Standards Authority (NBSA) and Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) regulate the electronic media. Self regulation is nearly equal to no-regulation as we have seen till today. Though Press Council of India is a statutory body, it does not have enough teeth in accordance with the need of the hour.

Media Role – Mentor Providing Right Education

Present day media, run by corporate giants are influenced by profit motives and hence they are presenting news they way it suit them. During the times of paid news, wide spread nepotism and baseless allegations to tarnish the images of politicians for viewership and readership, media is easily forgetting the fundamentals  – what are they for! The best example of lack of any ethical standards for Indian media is the live telecast during Mumbai terrorist attack. The broadcast helped the terrorists to get accurate location of police men and NSG commandos which resulted in more Indian causalities.

It is the role of a mentor which is expected out of the media. Media has more to do than just reporting, and Indian media is not doing the even the reporting function honestly. An ordinary Indian has the right to be led right,  and Indian media should grow to that standards. The small compromise on present day profit will earn a generation which can think in the right direction.