Indian Cricket Loses Its Wall – Rahul Dravid Retired!

Rahul Dravid has announced his retirement from test cricket. There is no more Wall to come and stay.

When wickets fall on one side, there was always a gentle man at the other end. Calm and patient. The hardworking, silent  cricketer. Former captain. But now the N0.3 position is vacant. Who can show the perseverance displayed by Dravid? There might come  no one.

Even the test cricket is in shambles. And what test without Dravid, if it is in foreign soil?

You need not wonder if India is finished in 2-3 days in all coming  test matches away from  Indian subcontinent. We have seen that already in Australia, when Dravid was not at his best. We have also seen the one-man fight from Dravid in England which made the selectors to call him back  into the ODI side after a 2 years gap, which was a surprise even to the Wall.

All cricketers had to retire one day. And Dravid and Sachin too!

Rahul Dravid

Wall - The Opener who stays till the end.(India in England,4th Test, 2011)

But Dravid deserved more recognition. His value will be realized in near future in his absence. Dravid didn’t get the hype many others got. Dravid was considered unfit for ODIs and 20-20s. But he had exceptionally good performance in ODI including a 25 ball 50. Dravid was the top scorer in 2009 world cup.  In 20-20 format also he is reliable with his text book shots and improvisations.

For tests he was India’s hope for a 5 day play, to make the other bowlers toil to get his wicket.

And it shows in the image.

Salute to the Wall!