How Well Do You Know India?

How well do you know India? How Indian Are You ? A brief brush up through interesting facts and figures about India – India Statistics, India Facts, Indian Citizens, Indian Government, Indian Society, Indian Culture etc.

1 : In just 2.3 % of world’s total land area, India houses around 17.31 % (1/6th) of total world population!

2: India, with 1,210,193,422 (1.21 billion) people is the second most populous country in the world, while China is on the top with over 1,350,044,605 (1.35 billion) people. With the population growth rate at 1.58%, India is predicted to have more than 1.53 billion people by the end of 2030 (Overtake China).

3: India was the richest country in the world until the British Invasion in 17th century.

4: Presently, the 9th Biggest economy in the world, considering total GDP.

5: 3rd Biggest economy in the world considering, GDP measured at PPP.

6: 7th Largest Country in the world by land area.

7: India is the largest democracy in the world.

8: Around 36 % of world’s poor are Indians. It also signifies, if a world wide campaign starts against poverty, 36 % of that money need to be spend in India.

9: More than a million Indians are millionaires, yet most Indians live on less than two dollars a day. An estimated 35% of India’s population lives below the poverty line.

10: The official name of India is the Republic of India. The name “India” derives from the River Indus, which most likely is derived from the Sanskrit sindhu, meaning “river.” The official Sanskrit name of India is Bharat, after the legendary king in the epic Mahabharata.

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How Indian Are You?

11: India is the birthplace of chess.

12: With 150,000 post offices, India has the largest postal network in the world.

13: About 80% of Indians are Hindu. Muslims are the largest minority in India and form approximately 13% of the country’s population. In fact, India has the third largest population of Muslims in the world, after Indonesia and Pakistan.

14: India has the world’s largest movie industry.

15: India is the world’s largest tea producer.

16: India has the world’s third largest road network at 1.9 million miles.

17: It also has the world’s second largest rail network, which is the world’s largest civilian employer with 16 million workers.

18: India is the largest milk-producing country in the world.

19: Indians made significant contributions to calculus, trigonometry, and algebra. The decimal system was invented in India in 100 B.C. The concept of zero as a number is also attributed to India.

20: Ranks 4th in the list of biggest CO2 emitters.

21: India is the largest English speaking nation in the world.

22: 25% of world population speaks 4 religions originated in India- Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism.

23: India in its 10,000 years of history has not invaded any other country.

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