How to Ensure Cyber Security? :

1. Have Anti-Virus Software: Use antivirus software and keep it up to date.

2. Be cautious with unknown e-mails: Don’t  open e-mails or attachments from unknown sources. Be suspicious of any  unexpected e-mail attachment, even if it appears to be from someone you  know.

3. Use Firewalls: Protect your computer from Internet intruders. Use firewalls.

4. Install Security Updates for your Computer: Regularly download security updates and patches for operating systems and other software.

5. Use difficult-to-guess Passwords: Use  hard-to-guess passwords. Mix upper and lower case letters, numbers and  other characters, and make sure they are at least eight characters long.

6. Have Backups of your data: Back up your computer data on disks or CDs regularly.

7. Limit your computers access: Don’t share access to your computer with strangers. Learn about file-sharing risks.

8. Limit Internet Usage: Disconnect from the Internet when not in use.

9. Check your security: Check  your security on a regular basis. When you change your clocks for  daylight-savings time, reevaluate your computer security.

10. Have solutions: Make sure all family members know what to do if the home computer becomes infected.

Courtesy: Kerala Police Website