How to check live cricket score?

If you are away from television and need to know the live cricket score, there are plenty of ways to do that. While certain methods like googling using specific keywords would give you instant results, to get a detailed analysis of past results, team standings etc. you might need to check a mobile/web app. Let’s have a quick look at some solutions.

Googling to know the live cricket score

Yes! Google has evolved from a mere search engine. It can provide live cricket scores too. Use keywords like “Live Cricket Score” or “Cricket Live Score” to get instant results. Alternatively you may just click on the url:

Yahoo Cricket Live Score

Yahoo Cricket is a good web app to know the live cricket scores. Click to follow Yahoo Cricket live score.

ESPNcricinfo Live Score

ESPN had acquired cricinfo website and they are popular name in the field of cricket statistics. Click on ESPNcricinfo Live Score link to know the latest scores.

Cricbuzz Live Score

Cricbuzz is another website which offers live cricket scores. Cricbuzz live scores can be accessed from the given link.

Mobile apps to know the live cricket score

Both cricbuzz as well as cricinfo has mobile apps to provide live scores. The ICC cricket app is also another useful try.

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