Gift Your Special Ones Flipkart Gift Vouchers For Shopping

Be it a birthday, wedding anniversary, success party or any other event, the selection of gift is a dilemma for many. Instead worrying too much about the gift, its utility and acceptance, you can give back the choice of selection back to your special ones. No, you are not going to give them cash directly, but instead your are gifting them shopping vouchers! These gift vouchers can be used by the person who receive it for free purchase of any item he/she wants (or pay less on higher priced products). This post is about Flipkart Gift Vouchers, which can be gifted to anyone for shopping at website, one of India’s biggest online shopping sites, where you get almost everything under the Sun.

Flipkart Gift Vouchers

The Flipkart Gift Voucher is an e-Gift Vocuher, which means that you can surprise your special ones with the delivery of the Gift Voucher directly to their email address. You don’t have to physically present the gift to the intended person! This comes very handy during last minute gifts. That too with a few clicks. Sounds great, huh?

How do I buy or gift a Flipkart e-Gift Voucher?

Flipkart e-Gift Voucher value can range from between Rs. 25 and Rs.10000. All you need to enter is the name and email address of the person you want to send the Flipkart e-Gift Voucher to. Click to gift or buy a Flipkart e-Gift Voucher.

How can my special one benefit from the Flipkart e-Gift Voucher?

Flipkart Gift Voucher

Click to Buy Flipkart Gift Voucher: Buy, Send and Use Online

E-Gift Vouchers can be used for purchases from sellers listed on Say, you made a Gift Voucher of Rs.5000/- for your lover, she/he can use that for any purchase at Flipkart (iPhone, Moto X, Jewellery, Apparels and so on). When he/she is ready to checkout, click “Proceed To Pay” and select the “Pay By e-Gift Voucher” option. Enter the 16-digit voucher number and the corresponding 6-digit PIN number when prompted.

What if the order total is greater than the voucher value?

If the Voucher value doesn’t cover the order total, the customer will be prompted to select an additional payment method. But as you can easily understand, he/she will be paying only the actual price minus gift voucher value, and in effect should be very happy to get the product at a low price!

Things to note while using Flipkart e-Gift Vouchers:

  • All Flipkart e-Gift Vouchers expire 1 year from the date of their creation.
  • Users can use promotional codes even when paying with a Flipkart e-Gift Voucher.
  • Users can use multiple Flipkart vouchers upto a maximum of 15 Flipkart e-Gift Vouchers per order. (So if you want to give someone, gift voucher worth Rs.30,000/ for a particular purpose – make it Rs.10,000*3=Rs.30,000/-).
  • e-Gift Vouchers (EGV) are issued by QwikCilver Solutions. QwikCilver is a private limited company incorporated under the laws of India, and is the issuer of Gift Cards/Vouchers.
  • If the order value is less than the amount of the EGV, the outstanding balance (after deduction of order value) will reflect under the same EGV.
  • EGVs cannot be redeemed for Cash or Credit, but are transferable.
  • There is no fee or other charges associated with EGV purchase.