Do You Hate Facebook Timeline?

Facebook Timeline – What is it?

Facebook Time line is a the new outlook for the Facebook profile, mandatory for Facebook Pages from April 1st, 2012. Facebook users are also widely encouraged by FB to use timeline feature.

Facebook Page

Facebook Page TimeLine -

Timeline feature is basically, the new way of arranging details (chronologically) in your profile. Once you decide to use Facebook Timeline, you need to work on it a bit(Facebook has given a time period of 7 days for its users to plan their timeline profile!) It is almost similar to building a resume’ – a  visually pleasing one on Facebook.

Do every one love Facebook timeline?

The truth is that there are millions who don’t like the new feature introduced by Facebook. There are many groups/communities in Facebook itself which openly expresses their disinterest. They are not happy the way Facebook made the timeline profile mandatory too.

Why people hate Facebook timeline?

  • People generally hate change; the change which seems unnecessary for them as they are quite satisfied with the current setup.
  • It’s pain to learn new features and it will take time.
  • Need to re-organize things in the profile to make use of the new Facebook profile, and it is not a one-click publishing.
  • The new time line feature is slow; and people generally don’t scroll down to see more than 5-6 of the latest posts.
  • The default landing screen is lost for pages, and the effort put to make that is going to go waste.

What do you love in the new Facebook Timeline?

  • Once mastered the new timeline is very easy to use.
  • It brings a neat look to your Facebook pages, giving it a magazine like feel.
  • The cover photo brings more energy and life to your profile.
  • Highlighting and Pin-To-Top features give more scope to attract audience attention.
  • You can hide those details which you don’t want others to see.
  • It’s more like an online resume’ or album and you can trace how your life takes turns.
  • Messaging is introduced in Facebook Pages.

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