Dirty Picture Movie Review

Language – Hindi

Cast – Vidya Balan, Nazruddin Shah, Imran Hashmi

Our Rating – 5/10   (Must Watch, Watchable , We won’t Recommend)

Reason for you to see the film (if any):

Vidya Balan’s acting. Vidya Balan stands out in acting skills by a huge margin when compared to fellow Bollywood actresses and this film is another proof for that. The role of ‘Silk’ was her dream role and Vidya Balan has truly lived and reined in this film, and can even win a National Award for the same.

Review: Apart from Vidya Balan, who portrays the late Silk Smitha, other actors including Nazruddin Shah didn’t not have any mention-able moments in the film. The film depicts the emergence, life and disappearance into the eternity of Silk, but lacks something. Though the story revolves around Silk, and there is a plethora of cleavage and  boob show, the story appears pretty ordinary. The reason for Silk’s death too is not convincing enough if evaluated in the background of  the boldness the character has displayed before.