Diamond Necklace Review

Language – Malayalam

Cast – Fahad Fasil, Samvritha Sunil, Gautami Nair, Anusree

Our Rating – 6/10   (Must Watch, Watchable , We won’t Recommend)

Reasons for you to see the film (if any):

If you are promoter of good films. Or if you are a hater of type-cast super-star films.

Movie Review:

Diamond Necklace does not have anything to  boast off, apart from the Dubai City and Burj Kalipha on which the film is based. The film is gentle in its approach, but does create an impact in the mind of all viewers and it is in that sense the film is a good watch.

Fahad Fasil, plays a prodigal doctor in Dubai city whose debt creates  the plot of the story. It is the third film Fahad is seen in a similar role – the cash rish, serial kisser type – Chappa Kurish and 22 Female Kottayam being the other two. Fahad Fasil handles his role perfectly and has once again proved that these types of roles are safe in his hands. But as an actor he should explore different range of characters not be tagged type-cast.

Samvritha Sunil, was a total disappointment in the film, and her acting didn’t merge with the character  of a foreign returned, cancer patient at all. Gautami Nair as a Tamil Nurse was good and Anusree as a native village girl also showcased satisfactory performance.

The thread of the story – the connection of a diamond necklace in the life 4 persons – Fahad, Samwritha, Gautami and Anusree is not a great one to make a film, and it is a pretty ordinary take. With the branding of Joy Alukkas seen all over the film, the film at times loses the direction but somehow with the presence of Fahad, the film comes back to track.

Diamond Necklace is not without imperfections, but all together, Diamond Necklace can be marked as a watchable film, with some good songs too in it. If you are a Fahad Fasil fan, don’t miss it.