Dam999 Movie Review

Language – English, Malayalam

Cast – Vimala Raman.

Our Rating – 3/10   (Must WatchWatchableWe won’t Recommend)

Reason for you to see the film (if any):

Nothing.If any at all, that is controversy.

Dam 999 Movie Review:

Can say only two words after watching this 3D movie in cinemas – Amateur and Dramatic.

This film lacks many professional aspects a film should have and sounded over dramatic and artificial through out. Though the movie is released in 3D, it lacks the much awaited graphical experience and the 3D hype which pulled the crowds during the initial days might not be enough to do the same in the coming days.

The Dam issue is socially relevant and important, but the story is presented in a way mixing it with many other elements including Ayurveda, Astrology and things of that kind, finally giving the product a complex nature without producing the desired effect.

We appreciate the story-thread and the message of the film, but the direction, script and dialogue presentation are all awful. The film had an impact which a  school drama or documentary can produce in the audience mind and it never ever equaled the audience expectation at any shot. Lot of flaws, incompetent actors and pronounced out- of -situation dramatic dialogue presentation too.

May be the controversy created by Mullaperiyar Dam can save Dam999,(But who will save Mullaperiyar?:)) but there was nothing in it for the Tamil Nadu Government to ban the film. INDIAN gives 3/10 for Dam999 just for providing a socially relevant message which can send reverberations across people’s mind. Apart from that – nothing.