Best Tablets To Buy : Compare Tablets and Buy Online

Ever thought of buying an iPad or Google Nexus? Tablets (or Tablet PCs as they were once called) have emerged as a popular choice for those looking for a gadget between the size of a mobile phone and a laptop. The sleek, stylish design of tablets, with a similar look and feel of a thin book have turned tablets more user friendly than laptops. Book readers, gamers and movie lovers have all turned to tablets. Now they can enjoy what they loved to do with their PCs, lying down at the comfort of their bed. This is a luxury which was not available with desktops or even laptops.

Lot many brands, how to select a tablet?

Are you planning to buy a tablet PC?  If you are not sure how to select the best tablets to buy now, this article may serve as a guide. Tablets range from the budget tabs which costs less than Rs. 10000 to the high end versions of Apple and Samsung ranging up to Rs. 65000. There are many factors which you should considering apart from the purpose, before deciding on your ideal tablet. Let’s see what are the features that you should essentially check in a new tablet.
Apple iPad

Operating System (OS):

Options : Android, iOS or others.

Price :

Price may vary from Rs.2500 to Rs.65000.

Screen size :

Popular screen sizes are 7 inch and 10 inch. Tablets are also available in other screen sizes. If you plan to use tablet as your primary reading device, then go for a tablet with bigger screen size.

Processing speed :

Higher the better.

Connectivity (Wifi/3G) :

If budget permits, always go for a tablets with both 3G and Wifi.

Voice Calling facility :

Not a must, as you always have mobiles as another option.

Ports : Are enough ports available?

Higher the number of ports, the better.


Check for frequency of latest updates and compatibility with higher upgrades.

Apps : Paid or Free?

More free apps, the better.

Battery Backup

No explanation needed here too. Of-course, go for a tablet with higher battery backup.

High end tablets in India to buy online

  1. Apple iPad Air 128 GB with Wi-Fi + Cellular.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro.
  3. Acer W510.
  4. Sony Xperia Z Tablet.

Most popular tablets in India to buy online now!

  1. iPad Mini.
  2. Google Nexus 7.