Best Selling Sony Laptops – April 2012

The list of Best Selling Sony Laptops in April 2012. Click to grab your favourite laptops online with exciting discount prices.

1.Sony Vaio YB35 Laptop (Black)  Rs.26,990 26,800  

 2.Sony Vaio YB35 Laptop (Silver) Rs.26,990 26,800

3.Sony Vaio EH35 Laptop (Black)  Rs.32,990 32,920

4.Sony Vaio EH35 Laptop (White)  Rs.32,990 32,920   

5.Sony Vaio EH36 Laptop (Black) Rs.37,990 37,864 

6. Sony Vaio EH36 Laptop (White) Rs. 37,990 37,864 

7.Sony Vaio EG3A Laptop (Black)  Rs.39,990 39,842 

8.Sony Vaio EG3A Laptop (White)  Rs.39,990 39,842

9.Sony Vaio EH38 Laptop (Black) Rs.45,990 45,775

10. Sony Vaio EH38 Laptop (Blue)  Rs.45,990 45,775

11. Sony Vaio EH38 Laptop (White)  Rs.45,990 45,775

12. Sony Vaio EG38 Laptop (Blue) Rs.45,990 45,775 

13.Sony Vaio EG38 Laptop (Pink) Rs.45,990 45,775

14.Sony Vaio EG38 Laptop (White)  Rs.45,990 45,775

15. Sony Vaio CB45 Laptop (Black)  Rs.54,990 54,673 

16.Sony Vaio CB45 Laptop (Green)  Rs.54,990 54,673

17.Sony Vaio CB45 Laptop (Orange)  Rs.54,990 54,673

18.Sony Vaio SB36 Laptop (Blue)  Rs.56,990 56,060

19.Sony Vaio SB36 Laptop (Black)  Rs.56,990 56,650

20.Sony Vaio SB37 Laptop (Black)  Rs.62,990 62,585

21.Sony Vaio SB36 Laptop (Silver) Rs.56,990 56,650

22.Sony Vaio SB37 Laptop (Silver)  Rs.62,990 62,585

23.Sony Vaio SB38 Laptop (Black) Rs.69,990 68,780

24. Sony Vaio SB38 Laptop (Silver)  Rs.69,990 68,780