Best Selling Pendrives – April 2012

The list of best selling Pendrives in April 2012. Get your pendrives with exciting discount offers  just a click away.

1.Kingston G3 Pendrive (White,4 GB) Rs.499 231  54% Off 

2.Kingston DataTraveler-DT109 (Multicolor,8 GB)  Rs.999 329 67% Off 

3.Kingston G3 Pendrive (White,2 GB)  Rs.334

4.Kingston DataTraveler G2 (White,2 GB)  Rs.454

5.Kingston DTR USB 3.0 HYPER X (Multicolor,64 GB)  Rs.9,700 6,050  38% Off 

6.Kingston DataTraveler-DT109-16GB (Multicolor,16 GB) Rs.1,600 633 60% Off

7.Kingston DTR 500 USB 2.0 (Multicolor,64 GB)  Rs.9,540 5,381  44% Off

8.Dragon Kingston Pendrive 8 GB (Red,8 GB) Rs.1,400 565 60% Off

9.Transcend T3 Model Pendrive (Black,4 GB) Rs.800 332 58% Off

10.Transcend V90 Pizazz (Yellow,4 GB) Rs.1,100 408  63% Off

11.SanDisk Cruzer Edge SDCZ51 Flash Drive (Black,16 GB) Rs.1,117 555 50% Off

12.SanDisk Cruzer Edge SDCZ51 Flash Drive (Black,4 GB) Rs.329 236 28% Off

13.SanDisk CZ50 Blade Pendrive (Black,2 GB) Rs.397 272 31% Off

14.Sandisk Cruzer Switch 4 GB Pen Drive (Multicolor,4 GB) Rs.549 285 48% Off

15.SanDisk Cruzer Edge CZ51 USB flash drive 8 GB Rs.440 318 28% Off

16.SanDisk CZ50 Blade Pendrive (Black,16 GB) Rs.1,499 524 65% Off