Best Selling HP Laptops – April 2012

The best selling HP laptops in April 2012 with the latest prices in India. Click to buy online at huge discount.

1. HP Pavilion DM1-3210AU Laptop (AMD dual core/2gb/320gb/W7Basic) Rs.27,521 Rs.23,575   14% Off

2. HP 430 Laptop (core i3/2gb/500gb/DOS) Rs.28,000 Rs.25,500   9% Off

3. HP 630 laptop (core i3/2gb/320gb/DOS) Rs.27,997 Rs.25,999   7% Off

4. HP Laptop 630 laptop (core i3/2gb/320gb/DOS) Rs.27,997 Rs.25,999    7% Off

5.  HP Pavilion G6-1219TU Notebook (core i3/2gb/500gb/DOS) Rs.29,795 Rs.29,550   1% Off

6. HP 630 laptop (core i3/2gb/500gb/DOS) Rs.29,900 Rs.29,600 1% Off

7. HP G42-457TU Notebook (core i3/3gb/320gb/w7Basic) Rs.32,990 Rs.29,650   10% Off

8. HP 4420S Probook Laptop (core i3/4gb/320gb/DOS) Rs.39,314 Rs.30,785   22% Off

9. HP Pavilion G6-1313AX Laptop (AMD Quad Core/4gb/500gb/1gb graphics/W7Basic) Rs.33,990 Rs.31,499   7% Off

10. HP Pavilion G6-1200TU Laptop (core i3/2gb/500gb/w7Basic) Rs.35,660 Rs.33,260   7% Off

11. HP Pavilion G6-455TX Notebook (core i3/3gb/320gb/1gb graphics/w7Basic) Rs.43,392 Rs.33,360   23% Off

12. HP Pavilion G6-1301TX Laptop (core i3/2gb/500gb/1gb graphics/w7Basic) Rs.37,990 Rs.34,699   9% Off

13. HP Pavilion G6-1200TX Notebook (core i3/4gb/500gb/1gb graphics/w7Basic) Rs.37,006 Rs.35,250   5% Off

14. HP Pavilion G6-2008TX Rs.44,296 Rs.39,399   11% Off

15. HP Pavilion G6-2009TX Rs.44,296 Rs.39,399   11% Off

16. HP Pavilion G6-2010TX Rs.44,296 Rs.39,399   11% Off

17. HP Pavilion G6-1201TX Notebook (core i5/4gb/640gb/1gb graphics/w7Basic) Rs.44,100 Rs.41,499   6% Off

18. HP Pavilion G6-2006TX Rs.49,654 Rs.43,999   11% Off

19. HP Pavilion G6-2007TX Rs.49,654 Rs.43,999   11% Off

20. HP Pavilion G6-2004TX Rs.51,899 Rs.45,899   12% Off

21. HP Pavilion DM4-3010TX Laptop (core i5/6gb/640gb/1gb graphics/w7Premium) Rs.52,690 Rs.49,399   6% Off

22. HP Pavilion DV4-5008Tx Rs.54,729 Rs.49,699   9% Off

23. HP Pavilion DV4-5009Tx Rs.54,729 Rs.49,699   9% Off

24. HP Pavilion DV6-6154TX Laptop (core i5/4gb/750gb/1gb graphics/w7Premium) Rs.53,990 Rs.49,750   8% Off

25. HP Pavilion DV6-6165TX Laptop (core i7/4gb/750gb/2gb graphics/w7Premium) Rs.61,360 Rs.58,662   4% Off