Beautiful Movie Review

Language – Malayalam

Cast – Jayasurya, Anoop Menon

Our Rating – 7/10   (Must WatchWatchableWe won’t Recommend)

Reason for you to see the film (if any):

Superb Script, good direction and matured acting.


Film revolves around the life of a disabled billionaire(Jayasurya) and  those who come to his life. Improved and natural acting displayed by almost whole cast, with appreciable performance from Jayasurya and Anoop Menon( Anoop contributed the script and lyrics too).

A new and simple style of story telling is introduced in malayalam film with almost all characters saying one-lines similar to this one -‘Marriage is a licence for Extra-Marrital Affairs’. No heroism or hero boosting is done and that itself makes the film beautiful though the depth of the story is minimal. The current level of thinking of the average youth is accurately depicted in this film in a quite natural way. The LCD television in Jayasuriyas room plays a significant role simulating the twists and turns in the story. A few minor logical flaws towards the end of the film, but can be easily forgiven considering the efforts and ideas of  this no-big-banner production. The type of film, Malayalam Industry needs for survival- A must watch!