22 Female Kottayam Review

Language – Malayalam

Cast – Fahad Fasil, Reema Kallungal

Our Rating – 6/10   (Must Watch, Watchable , We won’t Recommend)

Reasons for you to see the film (if any):

A bold attempt in Malayalam film history, along the lines of new changes happening. Recent society highlighted.

Movie Review:

The theme of the movie is the revenge of a 22 year old female against the people who sexually harassed her. Though the revenge from the male hero is the main theme  in lot many Malayalam films, the revenge from heroine is discussed only in a few. The avenge theme from the heroine has been portrayed in many English/ Hindi films, but for average Malayalam  audience the bold scenes and dialogues will sound as a totally new attempt.

22 Female Kottayam is not a bad attempt from the director of ‘Salt and Pepper’. It is running houseful in many theateres even after weeks of release( Without any super stars!). But it does lack originality in the main theme. Revenge of a rape victim is not an entirely new thread to make a film upon; but the current social setup of nurses – their life at Bangalore and Cochin is highlighted in detail to appeal the targeted audience, and the director has succeeded in that to a great extend.

Reema Kallungal didn’t disappoint much, though not an exceptional performance, considering the depth of the role. Fahad Fasil fits into this role quite comfortably, though his expressions can improve.

In whole, the youngsters are promising. This film is another example of creating a successful film with limited star cast.